National Guard Chapter-ASMC


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Why Become a Member of ASMC?

Enhance Your Professional Skills

ASMC activities provide you with the latest in current issues. Each year an ASMC chapter hosts the national PDI that provides professional development training. In addition, most local chapters host their own mini-PDIs and other events throughout the year.



ASMCs over 17,000 members worldwide represent a wide base of defense resource management personnel. As an ASMC member, you build your professional network through participation in ASMC activities, whether they be social or professional. Learn from your colleagues in our network of 149 chapters.


Leadership Opportunities

ASMC provides many opportunities for you to demonstrate leadership. Although ASMC is not officially part of your chain of command, your demonstrated leadership abilities will not go unnoticed. Simply step forward and...

  • Serve as a Chapter President or other Chapter officer.
  • Serve as the Program chairperson and develop a dynamic and innovative program.
  • Write articles for the Armed Forces Comptroller and/or the essay contest.
  • Serve on a chapter committee to share ideas and expand your circle of contacts.
  • Develop or contribute to a unique and informative chapter newsletter.
  • Recruit new members to participate in ASMC activities.